About Us

Change1     February 20, 2016 marks the fifth annual Write, Rewrite, Repeat Conference   renamed and geared to give writers an edge in a wildly competitive and rapidly-changing publishing landscape. You’ll meet nationally-known authors and seriously talented speakers who will help you take the next step toward getting published.

Deepen your writing practice, strengthen your craft, demystify the complexities of the publishing world with the help of savvy experts.You’ll also learn about branding,  adapting to the shifting tides, and making smart career moves.

We all know that there are titanic changes happening in the  industry, many which are working against authors going after traditional publishing deals. These changes accelerated after several financial downturns and now the publishing  industry is playing it a safer and backing its winners. I don’t need to name names.

With demands on writers increasing, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and lost.  Some writers have a vision for their career, but it seems distant or vague. Or there is an enormous chasm between the words you type  and the stories in your head.

This conferences is designed for under 50 participants. This means attendees have the opportunity to network with other writers and speakers during the day. This means you’ll get your questions answered.This means you’re not wandering around the hallways of an airport hotel and you can make real friends.

Portland signIn my bio it says that I’m surrounded by writers. I live in Portland, Oregon. Something about this place–the deep, tall forests, the rivers, the mountains, the many months of rain, the bookstores, the cool factor,  the proximity to so many geological wonders–draws writers and artists from all over. We make films here. Write novels. Become famous. Become infamous. Live quiet lives and bold lives. But mostly we create under an ever-changing sky.

Join us on February 20 at Tabor Space, Portland, Oregon

P.S. And remember that with  great change comes great opportunity, especially for writers with an entrepreneurial approach.

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